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As Elektrik Pano Automation, which operates in the production of electricity and control panels in every field of industry and electricity distribution, we distribute energy, transmit, control and command, and produce electrical and control panels that will be useful in every field.

As Elektrik Pano Automation, we offer package services in many areas from analysis and design of electrical control panels to feasibility studies, from manufacturing to testing and commissioning of electrical control panels with our experienced engineers and technicians.


To increase the competitiveness of our customers by producing simple solutions to complex problems. Thanks to our expertise in industrial automation systems, we improve the quality of life for employees, customers and society. We are constantly improving ourselves to provide quality, long-lasting and efficient results to our customers and to solve complex problems.

Customer Focus

We attach great importance to the efficiency of our customers, follow the commitments we make to them and work to make them more competitive.

Continuous Improvement

We offer our solutions in accordance with the latest standards and technologies with our structure that follows the agenda and adopts the principle of constantly learning new things.

Continuous Communication

We always stay available to quickly solve our customers' problems.


We provide a compatible working environment by designing systems that are compatible with every facility, environment and machine.


We ensure that the systems we install with products that comply with the standards, operate with low maintenance for a long time.


We ensure that the operators and the facility work safely and without danger with all machinery and equipment.


To ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients, UNIKEY’s quality assurance division thoroughly tests our products on a regular basis during different phases of the production. In addition to this, we manufacture our products strictly in accordance to industry guidelines to ensure durability, reliability & long operating life.



Regardless of what kind of panel is assembled in our workshop:

▪ Main Distribution Panels (MDP)
▪ Motor Control Centers (MCC) Panels
▪ Compensation Panels
▪ Frequency Convertor/Soft Starter Panels
▪ Automation System Panels (DCS, PLC, RTU)

All panels are assembled with care, tested and checked before shipment to the site.

Marking and labeling of equipment according to design is executed as a standard.

Efficient and integrated machines and facilities with Electrical Panel Automation!

As Electrical Panel Automation, write to us to learn about all the services we can offer you!