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Electric meter boards are used to monitor the consumption of electrical energy produced. Since we have a limited energy source, it is very important to monitor the consumption. Thanks to the electricity meter panels, the energy used in a certain period of time and the cost of electricity consumption are calculated.

Thanks to the electric meter panel, energy measurement and reliability are conveniently controlled. We do the drawing, production and installation of electric meter boards, which is very important in large enterprises and production facilities, together with our expert team.


We provide our customers with a project design process in accordance with the electrical indoor facilities regulation, the electrical indoor facilities preparation regulation, the principles regarding the details of TEDAŞ cable shaft and energy room, and the regulations prepared to protect employees from explosive environments.

Considering the electricity need of the facility, we can design and commission different types of panels besides quadruple and double meter panels. We check the number of meters, the gas number of the facility, the suitability of the panel for the place of use and we make a reliable installation.

We supply the cables, conductors, buttons, meters and many more equipment we use in accordance with quality standards.

For Electric Meter Board design and manufacture!

If you want to get a turnkey electricity meter panel system service for your facility, you can contact us.