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Compensation is the process that helps to keep the system stable at a near ideal degree by correcting the phase shift between voltage and current caused by inductive and capacitive effects.

Compensation panel is the system that contains the measuring instruments, electrical fuses and capacitor required to regulate the power coefficient in LV networks. Thanks to these panels, the power factor of the facility is regulated and balanced.

These boards are mounted together with LV distribution boards. Dimensions are determined according to the power and voltage value of the facility and the compensation panel is designed accordingly. Depending on whether it is external or internal, some changes are made in design.

Our company, with its expert team, designs and installs efficient and long-lasting compensation panels in accordance with the distribution panel.



It provides energy transmission to the compensation panel in the main distribution panel. Depending on the capacity of the facility, the size and cross-section of the cables may change.


They are stranded cables used for measuring instruments and reactive power relay.


It is used to power the board.


The plant is used to measure three-phase main currents.


It is the most important element of the compensation panel, which provides the correction of the power factor. It is obtained by overlapping two zinc metallized polypropylene films made of pure polymer.


Required for the protection and control of capacitors. automatic or blade fuses are used.

For efficient power balancing operations!

You can order a compensation board to balance the power with your main distribution board.