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transfer panels used in generator systems provide load transfer between the network and the generator. Grid transfer panels must be in standards and capacity to meet the output power of the generator.

In case of power failure of the transformer, which is the main power source, generators come into play and ensure that the electricity needs of the system are met. transfer boards, which perform the necessary transfers to ensure the operation of the generator when the power is cut off, must work in harmony with the network.

It is vital to keep power cuts to a minimum, especially for organizations such as manufacturing plants, hotels and hospitals. Our company provides a more reliable and faster transfer system by automating the use of generators for facilities that do not want to be affected by power cuts. We manufacture transfer panels with quality materials and equipment in accordance with the power of the system and install them without any problems.


When there is electricity in the grid, the system is actively fed with electricity from the grid. However, in case of a problem, the grid stops providing electricity and the system stops working. This situation is quite risky and costly for some facilities and organizations.


  • The transfer panel should be placed as close to the distribution panel as possible.
  • The area where the transfer board will be placed must be well ventilated and a clean and dry environment free of moisture and humidity.
  • Sufficient space should be left for work around the transfer panel.
  • Materials such as rubber linoleum should be laid to insulate the transfer board.
  • Cable section suitable for generator and mains power should be used.
  • There must be a control cable between the transfer panel and the control panel for the control and reference voltages of the breakers used in the transfer panel.
  • The transfer panel must be grounded.

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