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The packaging industry takes up a lot of space today, where image is important. Therefore, the use of flexible and fully automatic packaging machines is increasing in order to take a step forward in the packaging industry, which has become very competitive. With modern motion control, secure processing, data collection and computer connectivity, packaging automation has become highly necessary.

We offer packaging automation panels specific to each facility to make packaging machines controllable and traceable. In addition to projecting, production, testing and commissioning services, we also offer spare parts, technical service and training support. We produce solutions on the basis of EPC for you to use your packaging automation without any problems. We make sure that the packaging is done in the highest quality with the label, contrast sensors.


  • Economical solutions with measurable systems
  • Flexibility with different connection options
  • Ready-to-use systems with preconfigured PLC and HMI project templates
  • Comprehensive system documentation with component list and wiring diagrams
  • Special device modules for quick and easy system adaptation
  • Visualization with platform-neutral, user-defined web pages
  • Remote access

Packaging automation solutions

If you want to get packaging automation solutions for your facility, you can contact us.