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Lighting Boards

Lighting board is a distribution panel used to control the lighting of facilities such as factories and workshops. In order to keep the lighting under control, materials such as paco switches, residual current relays, fuses, time clocks, photocell relays are used.

We design our panels as surface mounted or flush mounted, in accordance with customer requirements. Together with our expert team, we commission lighting panels that provide quality materials, products suitable for needs, and reliable usage features.


  • Production facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Gas stations
  • Product warehouses
  • Community areas such as hospital, airport, subway
  • Stadiums


We obtain the outer part of the panel from durable sheet metal, and we place and install all the necessary equipment in the panel in accordance with the needs of the facility.

We determine all the parameters before lighting panel drawing, and we supply the appropriate design and materials.

We supply Lighting board materials in accordance with quality standards and offer a long-term warranty. We aim to meet all the needs of the facility at once with electrostatic painted, highly efficient, ergonomic, long-lasting and project-specific panel designs.

Electronic unit; It consists of PLC based energy control and fault monitoring unit, energy analyzer and communication unit.

For an efficient and reliable lighting system!

If you want to have an efficient lighting system for your facility with our lighting panels, which are produced with quality materials and equipped with reliable equipment, call us.