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The dust collection system is a system used in many different sectors to ensure dust control in the facilities and to prevent the workers from breathing dust. Thanks to the dust collection system integrated with the facility, productivity increases and a healthier working environment is created for employees.

Dust that comes out during processes such as crushing, screening, drying, bag filling and loading in the food, furniture, automotive, pharmaceutical industries facilities with the most dust is collected by dust collection systems and sent to the filter device.

Pulse control panels that control dust collection systems are required to analyze filter clogging. We develop dust collection system control panel solutions specific to each facility and ensure the correct and efficient use of the system.

It controls the pneumatic cleaning systems of industrial dust collection systems with its control panels. Thanks to the digital pressure difference unit, filter blockages are accurately analyzed and the system is kept under control.


  • Laser-Plasma Cutting tables
  • Wood and furniture
  • Chemicals
  • Cement
  • Iron-Steel
  • Paper
  • Pharmacy
  • Food
  • Casting
  • Automotive
  • Stone-soil industry
  • Rolling mills

Control systems for dust collector

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