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AC-DC (Alternating Current-Direct Current / Alternating Current-Direct Current) electrical panels are systems that are mostly used in solar power plants and provide the collection of alternating and direct currents in one place. We serve you with our high quality, long-lasting and low-maintenance AC-DC panels designed in accordance with the usage areas.

AC Collection Panels

They provide alternating current cable connections in string inverter use. Electrical energy is collected in these panels and transferred to the main collection panel with the help of a cable. There are security and access prevention elements outside the connection systems.

String inverters are systems where panels are connected in series up to the voltage allowed by the voltage. In this system, each photovoltaic panel is directly connected to the inverter.

DC Acquisition Boards

Direct current electrical energy produced in systems using central inverters is collected in these panels. One DC aggregation board is required for each string. Energy is transported to central inverter systems in these collection panels. These panels also have the necessary safety and switching elements.

The central inverter has been developed especially for large-scale outdoor power plants. In these systems, all panels are managed from a single point.

For reliable and efficient acquisition!

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