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Lightning occurs when the clouds are electrically charged, and when the charge is at its highest, the charge is discharged. This event can cause damage to many living things and structures.

Lightning protection systems enable lightning to be grounded without damaging the structures by means of conductors. In this way, protection against lightning strikes, avoidance of load differences between two neighboring points in the structure, prevention of induction effects on the circuit assembly and electrical conductors are provided.

Our expert team provides protection of the structure from the damages of lightning with solutions such as lightning protection systems, grounding installation, electrical panels.


  • Active Lightning Rods
  • Lightning Counters
  • Lightning Strike Protectors
  • Grounding Electrodes
  • Grounding Conductors
  • Grounding Resistance Reducer
  • Grounding Resistance Gauges
  • Crucible and Accessories for Thermo Welding
  • Grounding Resistor Gauges
  • Energy Cables and Conductors
  • Electrical Installation Materials

Lightning lightning rods control solutions

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